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12. March 2016 at 2:20 #19222

I’ve finally got 3 different BT speakers connected and working (I suspect some of my set-up issues mat be due to the usb dongle I’m using).

After a few hours of testing – which have gone well – I feel there is a fundamental design flaw in the max2play model.

In essence, using BT speakers turns the speaker into a virtual player. As it stands, max2play appears as one player which is not aware of which speaker is actually switched on. As I experience it, it’s not possible to switch between speakers without rebooting max2play.

A better model would be to start/stop squeezelite when a BT speaker is actually switched on/off. At the moment max2play appears as a player even if no speaker is actually switched on.

For static systems this is not an issue – but as most BT speakers are battery powered and are not ‘always on’ then it becomes an issue.