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16. Februar 2016 at 15:35 #18521

You need to designate two different audio outputs to Squeezelite and Kodi

…which I have done, but Squeezelite stops when I run Kodi. And I cannot get Kodi to display on the TV connected to the HDMI output whilst Jivelite displays on the 7″ display. How to achieve that?

So, is the way to achieve it is that I do not run Jivelite because if I run Jivelite, Jivelite will shut down (taking Squeezlite down with itself?) when I start Kodi? So, do I stop using Jivelite, set the display to duplicate on both 7″ and HDMI (with different resolutions) – how?; and then set Kodi to auto-start upon boot-up? Is this the only way to run Squeezelite and Kodi simultaneously? Is there a way I can have a user interface for Squeezelite on 7″ screen and the Kodi user interface on HDMI, both using different audio devices as mentioned in your reply?

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