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11. Januar 2016 at 16:00 #17726


Changing the name under “Settings/Reboot” also appears to set/change the host name.

If you have some basic knowledge of editing files using the command line, you can use the following to change only the player name:

1. Use putty/ssh to connect to the Max2Play host.
2. Edit /opt/max2play/playername.txt, by, e.g. using an editor such as nano, vi:
2.1. The file only contains the name to be set for squeezelite., e.g. Max2Play The name is used by the startup script in /etc/init.d/squeezelite when squeezelite is started.
2.2. Replace the name, e.g. Max2Play, with the desired name, e.g. Kitchen.
2.3. Save the file.
3. Restart the squeezelite instance by using /etc/init.d/squeezelite stop && /etc/init.d/squeezelite start or by rebooting the host.

Since the player name is already put into a separate file, I believe it would not take too much work to provide an option to change it via the web interface. But maybe for some it would be confusing.


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