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3. Dezember 2015 at 13:10 #17110

Yes, But the last part about a hardware system is pure for the enthousiasts. So dont mind that

Its weird nobody else has thought about this. But it makes perfectly sense. not many people have network cables all over the house. And to move a unit is a real pain then. Im no dev type but a short google search learned me quite a bit.

You have many guide’s to setup an RPi accesspoint(this is for the server)
And you have the Pi-Point software

The adafruit guide includes specific adafruit(apparantly for realtek chipsets) dongle drivers. Maketecheasier seems a good guide as well. As it uses generic software.

From here on i think it should be relatively easy to automate these steps into the setup sequence.

For the client, things seem much easier. everything is already present on rasbian OS.
There is an official rpi guide here:

And one with roughly the same info:

The good thing is you can preconfigure the network it connects to. This is perfectly for our goal.

Hopefully someone ferments this into workable scripts and setup/config files.
You might want to contact the guy’s of PiCorePlayer as well to create an image with the same method. So they can support this too. Lets make the squeezebox experience better for everyone 🙂