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30. November 2015 at 23:37 #17073

Hi waterdrinkingman,

There are two different issues here at play but they have some connection. Let me explain.

1. Airplay. Either choose Shairtunes 2 plugin on the LMS server OR use Shairport on the Pi itself. Don’t use both.

2. Two different processes on the same soundcard (Squeezelite and Shairport). Only an issue if you have a „blocking“ soundcard.

Pick your scenario:

A. Use Shairtunes 2 plugin in LMS. No need to start Shairport on the Pi (don’t do that!!). If this works, then you’re done. Issue 2 is no problem because the playback on the Pi is handled by Squeezelite.

B. Use Shairport on the Pi. Then disable Shairtunes 2 plugin in LMS or the will collide and confuse your iPhone when looking for Airplay targets. If you use this option you have to decide how to unblock the soundcard at the moment you want to Airplay. Either do it manuallu or use the method described above.

Hope this helps.

I tried both but settled for B because of lower lag when watching video with sound over Airplay.