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16. September 2015 at 18:31 #15713

Well, the log is from a A+ (no LAN interface) so it will be a little difficult.
It still dont explain why my other Pi (an A) with only a LAN cable have the same problem.. after about the same time.
I dont see the „Withdrawing address“ message for eth0 on my version A.

The odd thing is that it has been working since I powered off the Windows 10 machine after my last post even though my wife booted it again next evening. I still have those „avahi-daemon: Invalid response packet from host“ in the logs on both Pies when her computer is on but it is still working.
Both Raspberrys have been up since then, I dare not restart them.
I replicated the crach/hang/disable/e.g behavior at least 10 times before posting it here.

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