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27. August 2015 at 18:57 #15464

Hi Aleka,

did you encounter any problems during installation of the Wolfson Card (e.g. run out of memory on SD-Card)? I just tested with a RPi B+ (latest Max2Play-Version) and installed the Wolfson Card with the Raspberry PI Addon. After a reboot the required modules are showing up. We do not have a real card for testing, but several people got it running with this setting.

On the bottom of the Raspberry Pi Settings Addon you have a „Debug“ output. At the bottom of this output you should see this lines if the installation went ok:


If you could post the output of „lsmod“ (login via console and SSH as user „root“ password „max2play“), we might help you better. Which Max2Play SD-Card Image did you use? Did you update Max2Play to the latest version and expanded the filesystem of you SD-Card?