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23. Juni 2021 at 15:50 #51356

Hi Mario,

I’ve already tested a couple of choices –
– sysadefault -> same behaviours
– pulseaudio -> audio is very bad on RPi3+, not working at all on a RPi2

Anyway made a step ahead in the analysis following some of your suggestions.
I’m pretty sure that I have a synchronization problem:

1. Stopped the Squeeze-X player – left 3 players in the group, all on RPis -> no changes, same issue
2. Stopped the 2 RPi2 with headphone output -> left 2 players in the group, Main RPi with server and Squeeze-X software -> continuous audio, no interruptions, no rebuffering
3. Added to the players group one player – I used the Rpi3+ to be sure to avoid any perf issue -> again rebuffering problems, audio stops and client player with pulseaudio hanged – shutted down the player and fallen back to the step 2, no issues

I’ll make a test with the PRPi2, but I’ve few doubts that i will get different behaviuor of the step 3.

Could I check anything specific? log, config files, or other?
Is it possibile to tune any parameter for the players synch? the only param I found is under the server config -> player/<player name>/synch/network latency – I raised up to 15ms (was 2ms by default) but with no effects.

Many thanks