Reply To: Multiroom player, using 3.5mm audio output

2. Februar 2021 at 21:26 #50722

Brilliant Mario
Excellent, I can now see all players and my touch, can’t tell you how grateful I am. What an awesome thing M2P is. Thanks so much.

I’ve not had chance to try them all, but the kitchen player works fine and I can sync my touch with any of the players,so looking darn good.

But, just another question. I need to have at least one of these players to work on Bluetooth ( pairing with a dot) . Once the BT PLUGIN has been installed, do I need to choose the output, like you got me to do here in SQLITE or maybe in the raspberry pi settings ?
And I’ll need a 3.5mm jack plug output on one of the others, how would I set this up on a player?
I’d appreciate if you could help on these please. Thanks Mario

EDIT: Hi, I installed the BT plugin and a little tweaking, but now I have exactly what I’ve wanted for years actually. So BIG thanks to you Mario, really appreciate your help. T

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