Reply To: DSD playback

10. November 2020 at 17:41 #50109

Hello Carousel,

only the maximum sample rate that supports both sender and receiver can be supported. The HiFiBerry Digi Pro can clock up to 192 kHz, but the Dail Zensor AX (according to the website) can only clock up to 96kHz. So DoP should not work because it would need 176.4 kHz.

The best quality can be achieved if the original format is transferred unchanged. Upsampling and format conversions bring more of a deviation from the original than an improvement. If 1:1 transmission is not possible, choose a sample rate that can be divided by integer. For example, if the original is in 176.4 kHz and the player can only handle a maximum of 96kHz, then 88.2 is a better choice than 96 kHz.

If DSD files need to be converted to be played, I would recommend the same procedure — a sample rate on the player that is a multiple of 44.1 kHz.