Reply To: SPDIF Digital Audio gets pops playing music.

28. Oktober 2020 at 5:40 #49939

Still been working on it.

Been editing the /opt/max2play/alsa_max2play_usb.conf and /usr/share/alsa/alsa.conf.d they are the same files.

near the end I changed the „buffer_size“ from 8024 to 11264 and rebooted. If I did it over that seems like the audio would not play.

But I still get pops like in the sound.

Did fix it so only one Squeezelite is running unchecked the „Autostart Squeezelite“ because I got it starting in the file. but I checked and still it has now 4 running.

/usr/bin/squeezelite -n rayday1
sudo -u root -H -s squeezelite -o hw:CARD=Device,DEV=0
/bin/sh -c squeezelite -o hw\:CARD\=Device\,DEV\=0
squeezelite -o hw:CARD=Device,DEV=0

Then 4. I can kill all but the last one. If I kill the last one the music stops. But it will auto start again. Even with just that running I still get clicks in the music every now and then.

Hard thing to fix this SPDIF Digital Audio. Maybe I should just switch it to the RCA audio plugs but it be nice to get it working good with the SPDIF Digital Audio.

It sounds like old click in a vinyl record with dust on it.

-Raymond Day