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25. September 2020 at 16:53 #49754

Hey again,
this is the result of my tests:

It looks like MPD has a problem with your sound card or the ALSA mixer.
Please select the „sysdefault“ driver again and make sure that neither Squeezelite nor Shairport are running in parallel.

=> This did not change the outcome

If that doesn’t help, please test whether playback via Squeezelite and the Squeezebox Server causes the same problems.
=> I Can´t install jivelite without a license. I have to admit, I am not willing to buy one, before I know it is working fine.

In particular, please try to see if internet streams differ from your local music on the hard drive.
=> I installed the spotify plugin and connected my account. How can I control the stream, how do I start streaming?

Does the Health Checker show anything special in the Settings/Reboot tab?
=> NO:
Status Checker
Internet: Verbunden
CPU Load: 0.29
SD Card Usage: 18%
Temp CPU: 41.2

Maybe your power supply is too weak or the Pi is overloaded for some reason.
=> I thought about the overload myself, but have no idea, what could be the cause for that.
I hoped you guys might know more. Is there anything I should check?

The power supply I use, was provided as a package with my PI. How much output should a power supply have?

In the latter case, please burn a new image on the SD card and try again with the standard settings.
=> tried with new image 4 times already, this did not lead to any no change