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2. Mai 2020 at 0:48 #48682

Ok so tested Sonos on ethernet and the desyncing happens far less than via wifi. What was about 4 of 5 songs not in sync before, is now more like 1 of 2. Tested starting/stopping 20 songs. Sometimes Sonos is slightly ahead, others its slightly behind. There really is no pattern to it.

My network consists of gigabit switch over cat6, and network is not busy with much.

During the testing, I’ve noticed songs will randomly start desynced, but if I pause and resume, I can often get it in sync. One song I tried 3 times pause/resume and there was different amounts of delay between the 2 zones. I then fast forwarded and they went perfectly synced for the remaining of the song.

I’m not sure what the culprit would be, but it seems like it would be more how each device handles DLNA streams. I’m planning on getting another Pi and eventually for another zone, but don’t have 2 of the same hardware to test yet.

About the Firestick, what’s another app that’s suggested to use? Plex?

I use mp3 at the moment, mostly vbr. I can try to find some flacs if you think that would make a difference.

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