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30. September 2019 at 22:24 #47203

Thanks Heiner I will give it a try but I don’t expect much from this. The Pi turns on my tv+receiver when booting and displays the desktop so it’s not like the tv isn’t being detected i guess.
Last weekend I was able to get it sort of working (Kodi on my tv). Well actually it works but involves modifying the boot/config.txt and rebooting to use Kodi and doing the reverse to get the touchscreen again. So working but not really user friendly 🙂

I did this by adding:
Not sure if the display_default_lcd=0 is still necessary because the ignore_lcd=1 part disables the touchscreen.
Save the file and reboot and you will only have the hdmi port.

I also tried to disable the onboard sound with dtparam=audio=off to get my Hifiberry digi+ to work in Kodi (other thread) but that does not work for me. But this is not really a problem for me.