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30. Juli 2019 at 23:08 #46574

Thanks again!

Honestly, I didn’t understand much of your answer.

1. What do you mean by „it“ in the beginning of the sentence? What might be connected to the BT player? And what do you mean by BT player? At least, I don’t have a BT speaker linked, but a hifi set via audio out.

2. Yes, I sometimes use Squeezelite to lean back and listen to the music I bought and have stored on my NAS. And sometimes, I lean forward and want to just test some music derived from Youtube or so – directly from my phone or laptop.

3. If I can add „hw:0“ to the commandline options of squeezlite: How exactly do I manage this? I’m of the sort who buy a micro processor equipped with an operating system, but are not able to conduct a machine via a terminal. What do I put between the existing „-C 5“ and the „hw:0“? A blank, a comma or what?