Reply To: USB sound card 7.1 configuration parameters

24. April 2019 at 16:30 #45140

Update: I flashed another image and all is well. Must have been a bad image. In any case, I can now begin customization. I would like to address another squeezebox issue. My original configuration for the squeezebox was a QNAP NAS on which I ran a squeezebox server app provided by QNAP. This worked fine for several years until a recent hard drive failure on the NAS. Then I discovered that QNAP no longer provided a server app. In searching for a solution, I found the option of Raspberry Pi. When using the qnap app, Hebrew fonts were correctly displayed on the squeezebox boom. With the server on raspberry pi, all letters are in English. What determines the fonts? Are there perl libraries which should be added? Any assistance would be very much appreciated.