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18. April 2019 at 15:11 #45075

Hello Heiner,

I don’t know whether to start another thread here or not. Let me describe my planned system set up and ask if it is possible.

I have 2 Raspi with HiFiberry Amp 2 in both of them connected to my home network via ethernet.

One is configured as a squeezebox server and it works very well. It is named „Porchserver“. I can stream via bluetooth, and control via my laptop or mobile phone.

My other raspi is called „masterbath“. If I set it up as an audioplayer, I can control it from Porchserver, no problem. My primary interest for „masterbath“ is to be able to stream bluetooth sound from the TV in the master bath to „masterbath“.

My question is:

Can I stream via bluetooth directly to „masterbath“? I can’t see how this is possible with it set up as a squeezelite audio player or as an MPD player. With my mobile phone, I can see „masterbath“ as a bluetooth device, but I cannot connect to it. I don’t think I can get a reliable bluetooth connection from my TV to Porchserver (due to the distance between them), assuming I can figure out how to do a pairing and connection, which was the subject of my previous post in this thread. I can switch the Raspi so that masterbath is the squeezebox server and porchserver becomes a squeezelite player, but then I just have the opposite problem if I want to stream bluetooth to porchserver.

Thanks again for all your previous help.

Best regards,