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1. Februar 2019 at 11:11 #44311

Hi Joshua,

I’m sure there is a solution without reformatting. Resetting is a feature we only install for specific things since can cause other issues. With the USB card drivers it just wouldn’t make sense.

If you like to experiment with different features of Max2Play, it’s a good step to make a backup of your existing image’s setup for future projects.

I’m also not sure what exactly your current situation is. Your players‘ playback does not work at all or it stops after a few days?
If the former is the case, a new image would be your best bet, also just to make sure there is no hardware defect.
If the latter is the case, you need to look at performance in the Health Checker and try to tweak aspects of your setup that might decrease performance (WiFi, USB powered hub to make sure the USB DAC is not receiving insufficient power, power supply in general for 3B+ should have 3A especially with USB connected, etc.)