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23. Dezember 2018 at 13:26 #42930

Original Dutch, google translated to English

Finally my multiroom music system works together with Spotify Spotty without problems …( All wired network except tablet and smartphone.)

In January 2017 I came in contact with JBL’s multiroom system through a younger cousin. I already knew about the existence of Rasberry Pi and wondered if it would not be possible to build an alternative yourself.

I quickly joined Max2Play in combination with HifiBerry. I installed 3 Rasberry-Pi modules in multiroom together with a Spotify license. On one I installed Logitech Media Server (Squeezebox Server).

First I installed the standard system and afterwards I only saw the special Spotty plugin from Michael Herger which I then installed. It did not work smoothly. I googled and searched in forums, I changed here and there, but it did not get any better.

In the end, I installed the LM server on my NAS from Synologic. That worked, but because I did not have a certain function, I switched back to my Raspberry server. I was then asked to choose that system, which I obviously did.

Wonderfully, it worked reasonably well for a long time. I had the impression that more files were installed at the LMS Tab Info in the usr / maps during this switch. Sometimes there were creaks or stops but it was to be done, not perfect yet.

I thought everything was OK until the problems started a few weeks ago.

I read in forums that more people had no stable Spotify implementation with LMS, stopping the music, long pauses between songs etc …

I also have a windows10 laptop on my home network, a new Tuxedo PC with Ubuntu, Smartphone Android and Nexus tablet all with Spotify and LMS squeeze clientsoft.

With the Windows I had the least good effect, so I did not use it anymore.

I had a power outage a few times … Maybe it was because I had no internet for a few times in the last few weeks. I restarted the modem and it worked again. I had no problems with my internal network and digital TV applications (2 TVs and 2 digiboxes with network connections.)

Then I checked the Internet speed and I only had 10Mbps download (instead of 200Mbs !!!) and still 18Mbps upload.

Provider Telenet Belgium advised to install another modem

I placed a new modem but that did not help. The provider sent a technician and then everything became clear. Telenet uses a coaxial cable that allows the signals to come in at different frequencies. The technician showed me on his laptop that some frequencies were insufficient. He had quickly found that a transitional connector of the coax cable was corroded on the street. He has been able to restore it perfectly for the time being, but at the beginning of January 2019 it will definitely be adjusted with more modern waterproof stainless steel connectors.

My tips:
    • First check your own network intensively (cables, switches, router)
    • Have your provider test the quality of the connection, especially when using coax cables
    • Do not give up, every mistake can be found …

Ps: In the meantime, Spotify has been running smoothly from my Windows PC for several hours.

Thanks to RaspberryPi, Max2play, Hifiberry, Spotify and last but not least Michael Herger with Spotty.

Happy user Dree: