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4. Mai 2018 at 18:45 #35520

I was not able to recover the Squeezebox-Server application so i just wrote the max2play image again on my SD-card and reinstalled everything. Then i did the following:
– booted the Raspberry Pi 1 B
– as soon as the max2play web interface was reachable, i made the basic stuff (set my emailadress, seleced the basic mode, expanded the filesystem, upgraded max2play and rebooted)
– then i went to the squeezebox-server tab of the max2play webinterface and installed the SB-server, there where three options available: LMS 7.9.0, LMS 7.9.1 and Nightly 7.9, this time i installed LMS 7.9.0 (last time i installed 7.9.1 but as this did not work in the end i wanted to try a different version)
– after the installation of LMS finished i went to the web interface of LMS and made the basic configuration (select music and playlist directory and so on)
– then i went to the plugin settings of the LMS web interface and selected shairtunes 2 (fork)
– i got the message that LMS has to be restarted to make the changes work, so i did restart LMS from the max2play web interface
– then i went back to the LMS web interface plugin settings and found shairtunes2 (fork) unchecked!! but with the message next to it: „could not load plugin“ (actually the message was in german: „plugin konnte nicht geladen werden“)

so i am back at the same problem again, shairtunes2 is not working.

What is the problem here and how can i solve it?