Reply To: 10-Zone Audio setup

15. Januar 2018 at 12:32 #33426

Hi chas0rde,

Points one and two are ideal for a Squeezebox System with one Pi running the Squeezebox Server. It lets all players be controlled with one interface over the network from any browser or app and also supports synchronous and individual streams.

For the RCA output to your external Amp’s, a DAC HAT with the Raspberry Pi would be the best solution, especially in regards to sound quality.

However, there have been a few people who managed to achieve getting several outputs split from a 7.1 USB DAC. This is not a solution that we officially endorse but it might help you along 😉

Here’s the link:

Logilink 7.1 configuration on latest (234) jessie image

[SOLVED] Multisqueeze mit Logflink 7.1 USB Soundkarte