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12. Dezember 2017 at 17:55 #32907

Hi Heiner,
I hope, you are well again. I’m suffering a cold too atm – but what gives me time for my raspi 😉
I disabled the Wifi via the raspberry settings: „Disable Default WiFi Interface WLAN0 on RPI3“ and in the section „WLAN & LAN“ the „Load WLAN interface“ is ticked off.
Have that been all/the right places to deactivatve Wifi? Because if I try to install Bluetooth now, the same thing happens: Nothing.

I freshly installed M2P 2.45 on another Raspberry Pi 3 and installed Bluetooth there and it works at once. I recognizes, the installation process need way longer time and goes through way more routines than on the other Pi where it does not work.
On the Pi where installation fails, the only output in the yellow box is:

Bluetooth Installation gestartet
Installation gestartet – Diese Meldung zeigt den aktuellen Status der Installation aller 3 Sekunden an. Wenn diese abgeschlossen ist verschwindet die Meldung und der Server läuft.
Get:7 jessie/main Translation-en_GB [323 B]
Get:8 jessie/main Translation-en [320 B]
Get:9 jessie/main Translation-en_GB [323 B]
Ign jessie/main Translation-en_GB
Get:10 jessie/main Translation-en [320 B]
Ign jessie/main Translation-en
Ign jessie/main Translation-en_GB
Ign jessie/main Translation-en
Ign jessie/ui Translation-en_GB
Ign jessie/ui Translation-en
Ign jessie/contrib Translation-en_GB
Ign jessie/contrib Translation-en
Ign jessie/main Translation-en_GB
Ign jessie/main Translation-en
Ign jessie/non-free Translation-en_GB
Ign jessie/non-free Translation-en
Ign jessie/rpi Translation-en_GB
Ign jessie/rpi Translation-en
You need to choose pulse as audio output for your audioplayer AND run a X-Server (e.g. Jivelite – workaround for pulseaudio)
Finished – now connect the Bluetooth dongle or Reboot Click here to reboot now


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