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12. Juni 2017 at 15:01 #29521

Hi Heiner,
It was not max2play… on odroid-xu4, has you know, it needs to have something special unlocked that dd can not do. I find the solution from ameridroid web site who provide an android os installation on micro sd card, then put emmc and sd card together for unlocok recover the emmc card, after that we can install what ever os we want on the emmc card (with dd also).
But yes, max2play doesn’t work so fine in first install, 3 service failed directly (i post something on that, with systemctl status messages about that (hope this help).
And also, i was happy to find kodi working on odroid-xu4, but max2play actually can not mount a partition drive content more than 2TB (why ? it’s so weird and big deception for me). You imagine ? not more than 2TB for a media video player… serve nothing for me. So this limitation (and the fact that directly 3 services doesn’t work mark the end of my story with max2play this year. Hope for you and people that max2play will be nice as soon as possible.
good luck guys