Reply To: DTS Pass through

4. Februar 2017 at 12:59 #26668

My post originally.

I too would very much like to see this issue picked up as it remains the one key area where max2play squeezebox emulation falls short of the real thing (and I really value it).

Personally I cannot make picoreplayer play DTS after v 1.18 not (even the new version) and do not have the technical skills to follow your post. In any event, no disrespect, your solution is one for the linux bregade not the average user that I think max2play is (rightly) aiming for.

As you say Squeezelite must be altering the stram in some subtle way. But it must be possible to solve this as Kodi (on max2play) manages passthrough of DTS perfectly.

Thanks for posting on this.