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27. Dezember 2016 at 17:39 #25262

Issue report: Bluetooth pairing with Smartphone for Max2Play
Hi Team! Happy Holidays!

I have been really enjoying my Max2Play+Logitec Media Server image running on my Raspberry Pi 3. Recently I’ve been trying to get stability when using the new Bluetooth app released just this month. I see the following issues:

– While the Bluetooth link between my iphone 6S and the RP3 appears stable, either Max2Play or LMS is intermittent. The playback randomly stops and eventually restarts. I see a long trail of my bluetooth device, „Dave’s Iphone“ shown in the playlist, and at each intermittent stop and restart, a new listing will appear in the playlist. If I leave it on long enough, I’ll get 100’s of them in the playlist.

– This behavior is independent of whether I’m controlling LMS via my windows 10 chrome browser or my iPeng app running on my iphone.

– Also noted – after attempting to run the bluetooth plugin, having it fail, and then going back to listen to either another plugin (i.e., pandora, etc.), or just listening to a networked audio file, the bluetooth app „reasserts“ itself… the selected audio file will start playing, stop, and the bluetooth plugin will reappear (and still not work). I have to stop the LMS and restart it to avoid having bluetooth reassert itself.

While I’m really rocking on the abilities afforded by Max2Play + LMS, I really want the ability to drive the input from my smartphone via bluetooth (in order to play Sirius XM from the iPhone app, stream podcasts, etc.).

Is this a user error, or a real issue?

In any case – Thanks! And any/all help would be gratefully appreciated.